Bow View Apparel

Bow View is excited to once again partner with Real Hip Clothing to provide us with our Apparel this season!

Real Hip Clothing is a Vancouver based sportswear manufacturer and has been supplying sports teams for over 25 years with quality customized sportswear and specialty products to sports teams across Canada and the U.S. Many of you may have met Marilyn Wohl at tournaments over the past years as she has been no stranger to our arenas.

This year due to Covid-19 we have TWO Shipping options:

1. Individual Direct Shipping to Alberta $16.00
2. Shared Shipping- share the shipping fee with friends & family!  Allows you to place your individual order and pay $6 in shipping when 4 or more families order at the same time and select ONE address to ship all orders to.  Groups must choose a group leader who has to register their shipping address with Joanne at PRIOR to group ordering.  Shared shipping orders must be entered on the same day.  Email Joanne when you are ready to order and register your address, or if you have any questions!

All shipments will be shipped complete Shipments that contain items with longer lead times will not be shipped until all items have arrived.  If placing an order with shared shipping this means the entire group order will ship complete to the group leaders address when the entire group order is complete.

All shipments will have a tracking number.  This will be generated and emailed once shipment has been shipped.  Group leader will receive tracking number for shared shipping option.

Some products have a specific order window with an order cutoff date.  Orders must be received on or before this date for these products.  This allows for bulk purchases to be made by Real Hip Clothing and will have a delivery time of 4-6 weeks. If an item is ordered after the cutoff it will not be available unless another order window is offered.  We will offer 2-3 opportunities for these items within the season.  The following items have a third cut-off date of October 3, 2020: Summer Skates (flip flops), Custom hoodies (both options) and R ingette/hockey bags.