Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note
Due to the current Covid-19 situation, there are many unknowns surrounding our 2020-21 ringette season. 
These FAQs are provided based on previous seasons and our hope the 2020-21 may unfold as close to normal as possible.

What are the registration fees and where do I register?
Registration fees can be found on our Registration page.
Link to Registration (open June 1, 2020).

When does registration open for the 2020-21 season and what are the fees?
Early bird registration will open June 1, 2020.

Where can my child try ringette?
Ringette associations across Alberta run Come Try Ringette events typically in the spring and summer.  All Come Try Ringette events are listed on the Come Try Ringette website.  You are welcome to attend any event.

What are the age divisions for ringette for the 2020-21 season?

Birth Year
Active Start
2016, 2015, 2014
2013, 2012, 2011
2010, 2009
2008, 2007
2006, 2005
2004, 2003, 2002

What equipment does my player need to play ringette?
Please visit the Equipment Page o
n our website for the basic equipment requirements.
Bow View Mosspro ringette pants are mandatory for all U10 Step 2, U10 Step 3, U12, U14, U16 & U19 players for all league and tournament games.  These pants are NOT mandatory for Active Start or Step 1.  These pants are available for purchase at Play it Again Shawnessy and Westhills or at the Ringette Store.

*NEW* Updated July 8, 2020 Helmet Policy The following policy implementation has been delayed to the 2021/2022 Season.  It is recommended if you plan to purchase a new helmet that it be royal blue or black.  The original policy "Effective October 1, 2020, all players in U14, U16 and U19 must wear a Royal Blue or Black helmet for all on ice activities including league games, exhibition games and tournaments.  Player(s) or team(s) may be fined if not following this directive. *Goalie Helmets are exempt."

What are the boundaries for Bow View?
Player registration with Bow View is open to those individuals residing within the boundaries as set by Ringette Calgary and include all communities south of 50th Avenue and east of Macleod Trail to the east city limits AND all communities south of McKnight Blvd and east of Deerfoot Trail to the east city limits.  Use t his link to see a map of the Ringette Calgary association boundaries
If you have questions about the boundaries please email the name of your residential community to

What arenas do Bow View teams practice and play at?
Bow View does not have a home arena.  Teams practice at many arenas in Calgary including but not limited to Acadia Rec Centre, Great Plains, Oakridge, Rose Kohn, Trico, Jack Setters, Father David Bauer, Village Square, North East Sportsplex & Ernie Starr etc.  Games for Active Start to U10 are played at arenas across the City of Calgary.  Games for U12 to U19 are played at arenas across the City of Calgary, as well as Cochrane, Airdrie, Chestermere, Indus, Rockyford, Strathmore, Lethbridge & Medicine Hat- depending on the teams in your age division tier. 

What are the days and times teams practice and play games at?
Practices and games are not on specific days or at specific times.  Younger age divisions will be assigned practices as early as 6:45am on weekends but will typically not be assigned practices in the late evening.  Older age divisions will be assigned practices in the late evenings (depending on the age division) and the odd early morning practice.

Can I make a friend request?
Player requests (also known as Friend Request) are only available in the Active Start division.  Player requests must be reciprocal and only one player request will be permitted. 
Player request form

Are there fees other than registration fees for ringette?
Volunteer Bond (required at YOUNGEST (other than Active Start)  player’s first evaluation ice time)- $300/family dated April 1 of the following year.
Jersey Bond (required at each player’s first ice evaluation ice time)- $250/player dated April 1 of the following year.
Volunteer and Jersey Bonds will not be required in Active Start this season.  Families with players in Active Start and other age divisions are still subject to the Volunteer Bond and the Jersey Bond for the players in other age divisions.  We encourage Active Start parents to still get involved and volunteer for association tasks.
Bow View Mosspro ringette pants are mandatory for all U10 Step 2, U10 Step 3, U12, U14, U16 & U19 players for all league and tournament games.  These pants are NOT mandatory for Active Start or U10 Step 1.
Teams have the option of doing a cash call and/or fundraising to pay for incidentals and team extras that may include but are not limited to tournaments/playdowns/provincials, dryland training, extra ice, apparel, team bonding, team meals/parties, banner making, team staff thank you gifts, teamsnap, exhibition games/refs, Bow View required team fees etc.  Team expenses are often dependent on age division & tier.

Is there financial assistance for ringette?
Bow View encourages families requiring financial assistance to apply to Kidsport or Jumpstart before June 30. 
Bow View also provides an Opportunity Fund for players who qualify for assistance.  Applications to the Opportunity Fund will be confidential.  Applicants to the Opportunity Fund must provide proof of application to Kidsport and/or Jumpstart (please apply to these programs before June 30). 
Opportunity Fund Application
If you require any other payment consideration please contact

When will Evaluations take place?
Each season is unique.  Typically U10 & U12 evaluations start at the end of August.  Active Start, U14, U16 & U19 may have fun/conditioning skates at the end of August however skills and game play evaluations for these divisions typically start at the beginning of September.  2020-21 evaluations are a work in progress- we are not able to anticipate what the evaluations schedule will be at this time (updated May 25, 2020).

What if my player will not be available for an evaluation?
When you receive your first email from the age division coordinator please reply and let them know if your player will not be available on a certain date.  The age division coordinator will advise how your player will be placed for the evaluations if that date impacts their evaluations.

Is U10 Step 2 changing?
Ringette Alberta is considering changes to the U10 Step 2 program for 2020/2021.  Any changes will be announced here.  Ringette Calgary will facilitate any
changes in September. 

Can my player play Full Time Goal?
Full Time Goalies are permitted in U12 to U19.  Full time goalies must have their own goalie equipment to register as a Full Time Goalie. 

What forms of payment does Bow View accept?
Bow View accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express through our registration system.  Bow View does NOT accept Visa Debit or Interac.  If you have a payment from Kidsport or Jumpstart please advise  If you have a payment from a Ringette Calgary bingo please have the cheque written directly to Bow View Ringette Association.  Cheques or Direct Deposit will only be accepted from Kidsport, Jumpstart or a community bingo.  Cheques can be mailed to 240, 90th Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2J 6P6.  When this cheque clears our bank account your registration account will be credited accordingly.  If you require any other payment consideration please contact .

What is the Bow View Refund Policy?
The Bow View Rate & Fee Schedule- including the Refund Schedule can be found here.

Why do I have to complete the Respect in Sport (RIS) Parent Module?
Ringette Calgary policy requires one parent for each family complete the RIS Parent module by October 1.  This certification is valid for 3 ringette seasons.  There is a minimal fee for this module.  Bow View does not provide a coupon code for RIS. RIS Activity Leader is not accepted in place of RIS Parent- these are two different modules.  RIS Parent is transferable from other sports- please import your certificate to ringette with this link.  Imported certificates are valid for 3 ringette seasons from the date of completion for the original sport.
RIS Parent module

My player is trying out for Calgary AA- how do I register with Bow View as a backup plan?
If your player‘s Home Association is Bow View (even if you have played AA in the past- your home association is the last association you played with before you played AA) and your player is trying out for Calgary AA this season you can choose the GOALIE or SKATER Calgary AA Tryout product.  This product is only available when registration opens until August 1 to players whose home association is Bow View and who are trying out for Calgary AA .  This product holds a spot for your player with Bow View in case they are not successful in securing a spot with Calgary AA.  This $50 fee is non-refundable if your player secures a spot with Calgary AA.  IF your player returns to Bow View this season the $50 will be applied to their Bow View registration.  Bow View players trying out for Calgary AA should NOT select their regular age division product- only the Calgary AA Tryout product please.  If you choose not to register your player with the Bow View Calgary AA product and your player is not successful in securing a spot with Calgary AA they will be subject to late registration fees and there is no guarantee Bow View will have a spot for your player.

Can my non Bow View player try out for a Bow View team?
Bow View follows the Ringette Alberta Residency Policy- 3.0.  Non Bow View players can try out with Bow View to make a higher tier team than what their home association offers.  Non Bow View players successful in making a higher tier with Bow View must seek a release from their home association as outlined in the Ringette Alberta Residency Policy.  Bow View encourages a non Bow View player that is trying out for Bow View to advise their home association of their plans BEFORE registering with Bow View.  Zone 2 AA and Calgary AA are not a home association.  Your home association is the last association you played with before you played AA.  All non Bow View players are subject to the Bow View refund schedule as outlined in the BVRA Policy and Procedure manual.

Will Ringette Calgary offer Flex Ringette for U16 & U19 in the 2020-21 Season?
In the 2019/2020 Ringette Calgary ran a flex ringette program for U16 & U19.  Questions about the future of the Flex Ringette program can be directed to
In the 2019/2020 season Flex Ringette was advertised as the following:
Flex Ringette will provide U16 & U19 players not wanting the time commitment of Classic Ringette the opportunity to continue to play ringette with less time commitment.  Flex Ringette is separate from Classic Ringette and will be operated by Ringette Calgary, however players will still register through their home association.  Skaters may not register in both Flex and Classic Ringette- they must choose one or the other, with the exception, of goalies, who may play in both, however Classic Ringette teams will take priority.  Skaters in Flex Ringette may NOT affiliate to Classic Ringette. Flex Ringette is NOT drop in, the expectation is still 100% commitment, there is just less to commit to.  Flex Ringette will be approximately one game per week, with a consistent time and location.  Teams will be balanced based on division played previously.  Friend requests will be honoured as much as possible.  Jerseys will be provided by Ringette Calgary.  There will be no tournaments, no City Championships and no Provincials.  Flex Ringette is a work in progress.  We know we have much to learn but we will analyze as we go along and make changes where we can and continue to improve Flex Ringette for the future.  More information on the Ringette Calgary Flex Page.

Where do I find information on being a Coach?
Information regarding being a Coach can be found on our COACH FAQs page.

Where do I find information about Police Checks?
Information regarding Police Checks can be found on our POLICE CHECK page.