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Minimum Coaching Certification Standards for Coaches

Anyone on the bench (including people opening and closing doors) must be a ‘certified coach‘ or a certified ‘trainer‘.

There are 3 levels of certification for each coaching level:

  • ‘In Training‘ - you have completed the preclinic assessment and are waiting to take clinic or you have taken the clinic and are waiting for your attendance to be marked
  • ‘Trained‘ - you have taken the clinic , completed the workbook(if applicable) and it has been successfully marked
  • ‘Certified‘ - you have taken the clinic, completed the workbook and a Master Facilitator has completed an ‘in person‘ assessment for you

Coaching Certification Levels

The minimum standards for coaching in the CDLA for city leagues, playoffs and provincials is:

Age Group
Coach Certification

Mini Tyke
Community Initiation - Trained

Community Initiation - Trained

Rec / House League
Community Development - Trained

Community Development - Trained

Community Development - Trained

Competitive Introduction - Trained

Competitive Introduction - Trained

JuniorCompetitive Introduction - Trained

- Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches will be held to the same standard at ALL levels

- If you completed a course last year at the Competitive Introduction level, THEN YOU MUST COMPLETE YOUR COACH WORKBOOK THROUGH YOUR ONLINE COACHING ACCOUNT BY MARCH 31, OR YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE THE COURSE AGAIN. Due to the volume of workbooks that are submitted each year, it is advisable to complete and submit your online workbook by September 1st of the year you took the clinic to allow enough time for marking before the next season.

- There are three levels of Certification for all courses:

- In Training - means you have completed preclinic and/ or clinic and awaiting attendance to be marked

- Trained - means you have completed the workbook online ( if applicable) following the clinic and it has been reviewed and approved; for Community Initiation and effective 2015 for Community Development, you will receive trained status after completion of the appropriate clinic and attendance is marked.

- Certified - means that in addition to completing the workbook, you have had an ‘in person‘ assessment by a Master Facilitator, and have completed the ‘Making Ethical Decisions‘ online test through the Coaching Association of Canada.( Competitive Introduction level only )

- A first year coach may be ‘In Training‘ (this means you have taken the clinic and are awaiting attendance to be marked ).

- if you are a first year coach at the Mini Tyke/Tyke levels, you only need to complete the Community Initiation clinic

- if you are a first year coach at the Novice or PeeWee levels, you need to complete the Community Development clinic; you DO NOT have to take the Community Initiation clinic prior to this clinic, you can simply start at this level.

- if you are a new coach at the Bantam and Midget levels, you must complete the Community Development clinic/level first before you take the Competitive Introduction level; however, you cannot take both these levels in the same year, so you would have to start by taking the Community Development clinic; if you played at the Jr level or above and would like to challenge the Community Development level, you can do so to earn ‘credit‘ for that level and then take the ‘Competitive Intro‘ clinic at a future date.

- A second year (and beyond) coach must be ‘Trained‘ status(this means you took the clinic with attendance marked, and completed any applicable workbook online and it has been successfully corrected)

- In order to coach a TEAM ALBERTA team, a coach must be ‘Certified‘ which means that a Master Learning Facilitator has completed an ‘in person‘ review and assessment of the coach and they have passed this successfully.

Trainer Certification Levels:

Trainers must be certified with a recognized ‘First Aid Course‘ (ie: St John‘s Ambulance) or can be a registered nurse or doctor.

Registration Procedures for Coaching Certification Programs (NCCP Programs) for 2018

Please review the following information before you initiate course registration request:

Coaching Certification Course Registration Procedures

    1. Email with:
      • your name , home address including postal code
      • division you are coaching
      • course name, date and location you wish to attend (see list of courses below)
      • club you are with
      • list current Lacrosse NCCP certification level you hold - if none, please state "none"
      • CC # - if you do not have one, state none.  If you have one from another sport, please provide that number so all coach training can be linked to the one CC#.
    2. You will be sent a course ‘code‘/access id and further instructions
    3. You must then login to the Canadian Lacrosse Association NCCP website system as instructed
    4. Complete the ‘pre-clinic‘ assessment (this can take between 1-2 hours and is for community development and competitive introduction levels only); this MUST be done before you attend the course
    5. Once your pre-clinic assessment has been completed, you must also register online for the course via your NCCP account, status tab.This step puts your name onto the clinicians list which is used to update attendance in the system.
    6. Attend the required course, be sure you complete the attendance sheet at the clinic
    7. Complete your coach‘s workbook ( Competitive Introduction level only ) online through your NCCP account, status tab. Once your attendance is marked, you will receive an auto-email from the system advising your workbook is now ready for completion.
    8. Minimum age to Coach is 16
    9. Please keep a record of your NCCP system login id and password as CDLA does not have access to this information
    10. Your Coach certification status is available through your account in the Status tab and through the website by logging into your locker.
    11. Skipping any steps 1 through 7 will only hinder your progress in certification
The following link provides instructions and screen shots on how to register and complete your pre-clinic assessment.

Resources   access your nccp account
Changing the Game Project free e-book - click here
Changing the Game Website - click here

2018 Coaching Certification Courses Offered by Calgary District Lacrosse Association

Please be sure to complete steps 1-4 above when registering for a coaching certification course. Maps to locations can be found on by selecting the Information and Rink Locations or by clicking on the links below. Coaches, please be sure to bring lacrosse stick and ball and wear comfortable clothing for on floor portion of clinic.

April is typically the first month of running clinics simply due to the lack of attendance in January through March.

There are seating limitations for all clinics. Plan ahead and be sure to complete the necessary steps well in advance of the clinic to secure your spot.  Arrive at clinic early to check in .  

Mini Tyke and Tyke Coach Courses (Community Initiation) - 1 day clinic

No community initiation clinics will be held in 2018.  When requesting to attend a clinic, please request a community development clinic.   Please also be sure to let us know that you are a minityke or tyke coach.

Novice and PeeWee Coach Courses (Community Development) - 1 day clinic

         April 28, 2018  South Fish Creek (333 Shawville Blvd SE) Super 8 Room - Classroom 9am-noon  on Floor 1pm-5pm
 April 29, 2018  South Fish Creek (333 Shawville Blvd SE) Oilers Room - Classroom 9am-noon  on Floor 1pm-5pm
             May 6, 2018 ( FEMALE ONLY) - South Fish Creek (333 Shawville Blvd SE)- Oilers Room  Classroom 9am - noon, on floor 1pm - 5 pm

             May 12, 2018 South Fish Creek (333 Shawville Blvd SE) - Oilers Room  classroom  9am - noon ,  on floor 1 pm - 5 pm

Bantam and Midget Coach Courses (Competitive Introduction) - 2 day clinics - you must attend both days

         April 21 and 22, 2018  Huntington Hills(520 78th Ave NW)  - downstairs lounge
day one -  9am - noon  classroom,  1 pm - 5 pm  on floor
day two  -  9am - noon  on floor,   1 pm - 5 pm  classroom

         June 2 and 3, 2018  South Fish Creek ( 333 Shawville Blvd SE) - Flames Room
day one -  9am - noon  classroom,  1 pm - 5 pm  on floor
day two -   9 am - noon  on floor,   1 pm - 5 pm  classroom

2017 Competitive Introduction clinic attendees - be sure you have completed AND SUBMITTED your online workbook which is accessible through your account no later than March 1, 2018 to allow time for marking before the season commences. 

 Thank you for volunteering for your club !

ALA Coaching Certification Requirements: ALA Regulations

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